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Unlock your creative potential with private coaching.

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching, inspired by the visionary work of Sir Ken Robinson, is designed to nurture, enhance and transform your abilities through creativity.

Under the guidance of Anthony Dunn and our expert team, these personalized sessions will help you unlock new realms of potential, whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a leader aiming to innovate within your organization and embed a culture of creativity.

Embrace the transformative power of creativity and start your journey toward profound professional and personal development.

1. Innovation & Competitive Advantage​

Cultivate an innovative mindset to stay ahead in your industry. We help you foster creativity to drive innovation, giving you the edge in an ever-evolving market landscape.
Our approach empowers you to utilise creativity as a catalyst for innovation, enabling you to consistently deliver fresh ideas and solutions that give you a competitive edge. We help you foster an environment that not only values innovation but thrives on it.
Unlock Your Competitive Edge

2. Efficiency & Problem-Solving

Uncover creative solutions to your most pressing problems. We guide you in applying creativity to streamline operations, optimise resources, and tackle challenges head-on.
We guide you in using creative thinking as a problem-solving tool, enhancing your ability to navigate challenges with efficiency and grace. By reframing problems and leveraging creative strategies, you can unlock previously unseen solutions that streamline operations and optimise resources.
Boost Your Efficiency

3. Leadership Development & Employee Retention

Harness the power of creativity to inspire, motivate, and retain your team. We provide tools to develop creative leadership skills and cultivate an engaging work environment.
People are at the heart of any successful organisation. We work with you to integrate creativity into your leadership style, fostering a work environment that inspires, motivates, and retains top talent. Build a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers who are as committed to your vision as you are.
Empower and Inspire Your Team

4. Culture Transformation

Create a culture that values and nurtures creativity. We work with you to transform your organisation’s culture into one that embraces innovation, fostering an environment where creativity can thrive.
We collaborate with you to transform your organisation’s culture into one that actively encourages and nurtures creativity. This cultural shift not only elevates your organisation but also creates a space where employees feel valued and ideas can flourish.
Transform Your Organisational Culture

Utilising The Creativity Catalyst System TM

A proven 6-stage framework to enhance your creativity and leadership skills, drive innovation, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

The Creative Catalyst System isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. It’s a carefully structured journey designed to unlock your creative potential. Here, we present our 6-stage framework that fosters creativity, sparks innovation, and drives growth.
Stage One – The Creative Self (Understand and Cultivate)
  • Develop a deep understanding of creativity and its value, focusing on individual growth.
  • Explore what creativity is, debunk common myths, and cultivate a growth mindset that fuels curiosity and open-mindedness.
  • Understand the individual’s influence on the creative process and develop clear communication skills.
Stage Two – Creative Techniques & Mastery (Learn and Master)
  • Equip yourself with tangible skills and techniques for nurturing creativity.
  • Learn innovative thinking tools like mind mapping, lateral thinking, and the SCAMPER method.
  • Engage in robust methods for generating, selecting, implementing ideas, and creative problem solving.
Stage Three – Team Creativity (Inspire and Engage)
  • Transition from individual creativity to inspiring creativity within teams, fostering collective, powerful outcomes.
  • Understand the dynamics of team creativity, develop strategies for creative collaboration, and learn how to lead creative teams.
  • Develop skills to use personal engagement to inspire participation and ownership within the team.
Stage Four – Personal Creative Strategy (Apply and Implement)
  • Apply the principles and methods learned to create a personal or team-based creativity plan.
  • Develop a detailed plan to incorporate creativity into daily routines and workflows and apply techniques learned through real-world projects.
  • Set SMART goals around creative pursuits and track progress regularly.
Stage Five – Creative Leadership (Lead and Empower)
  • Cultivate the skills necessary to become a creative leader who can effectively navigate and inspire in complex, uncertain environments.
  • Understand and practice leadership techniques effective in rapid and disruptive changes, learn to shift focus from instruction to inspiration, and explore different leadership styles for maximum creative output.
Stage Six – Sustained Creative Success (Maintain and Grow)
  • Maintain and grow creativity over the long term.
  • Integrate creative practices into daily life and commit to continuous learning.

Led by
Anthony Dunn

Anthony Dunn, Nevergrey

“What if we could reshape our world by embracing creativity, fostering collaboration, and championing innovation?”

Driven by this question, Anthony commits himself to furthering the ideals of his father-in-law, Sir Ken Robinson. As an acclaimed brand strategist with a knack for creative marketing, Anthony’s passion for immersive experiences is the driving force behind his work.

Anthony is the Chief Executive Officer of The Creative Revolution and Co-Founder of Nevergrey, Chair of The SKR Legacy Collective Fund, and the imaginative mind behind We Imagine if… His innovative approach to brand strategy has earned him multiple accolades, including Best Marketer and Best Event for his tenure as Head of Brand for Bett, the world’s largest global education event series.

Alongside co-founding The Creative Revolution, an empowering digital community, Anthony also co-founded the Imagine If… festival, a yearly celebration of human potential, imagination, and creativity.

Anthony urges individuals and organisations to confront the uncertainty of the future by embracing imagination and creativity as tools for change and transformation. His conviction lies in the power of creativity, collaboration, and compassion to recreate the systems we live in.

How Our Coaching Sessions Work

Embark on a seamless journey of creativity with our structured coaching process:

Initial Consultation: Book your first session to discuss your goals and challenges.

Tailored Sessions: Each session is customized to address your specific needs, whether for personal development or team enhancement.

Ongoing Support: Benefit from our coaching packages, designs to provide continuous support and guidance as you implement creative solutions in your life and work.


“I love working with Anthony. His coaching style and the support he gives  enables me to think and innovate. I really look forward to sessions with him!” – Arran S., Entrepreneur and CEO 

“Anthony’s coaching transformed our team’s dynamic. We are now more innovative and collaborative than ever!” – Emily R., Tech Startup CEO

“Through the sessions, I’ve discovered a creative side of myself I never knew existed. Truly life-changing!” – Mark H., Freelance Producer & Author

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