Introducing: The Creative Revolution

For several years we were working closely with Sir Ken Robinson on creating a digital community that would serve as a hub of resources and connection for the revolution he helped to inspire. The dream did not die with him, and we have spent the past two years working round the clock on bringing this vision to life. With that in mind, we are beyond proud and excited to share with you that The Creative Revolution is now open and accepting members.

The Creative Revolution is a place to learn from one another, inspire each other, connect, collaborate, and create real change. Together we can create the world in which we want to live – a world that values the individual, that celebrates our unique talents and passions, that believes each and every person deserves to live life to the fullest, and that creativity is essential to realising this vision.

The platform is 100% member driven – this means it is 100% advert free, and 100% authentic to the people it serves. Additionally, once we reach 1,000 members we will donate 25% of all membership to charity in order to give back to the community via grants, student rates, and scholarships.

Within the platform we have original courses for both personal and professional development, featured articles, groups, and live events. In October 2022, we opened our doors to 100 Founding Members and the energy inside is already buzzing.

You can learn more here:

To the Revolution!



Sir Ken Robinson’s manifesto 'Imagine if...' is now available!

In the years before he passed away, Sir Ken had been working on a manifesto – a short book that would pull together all of his key arguments and serve as a call to action for the education revolution he spent his life advocating for.

His wish was for his daughter Kate to complete the book after his passing, and that it be published posthumously.

We are so proud to announce that this manifesto, ‘Imagine if… Creating A Future For Us All’, is now available to buy.


“Completing this book has been a true labor of love. It is an accumulation of an incredible lifetime of work, passion and belief, as well as a tool kit for the work that is yet to be done. I’m so pleased to be sharing this with the world and delivering on the first of many initiatives inspired by my father and the millions of people he championed.”

Kate Robinson, Co-Author

About Imagine if...

A call to action that pulls together all of Sir Ken Robinson’s key messages and philosophies, and that challenges and empowers readers to re-imagine our world, and our systems, for the better.

Sir Ken Robinson changed the lives of millions of people. The embodiment of the prestigious TED conference, his TED Talks are watched an average of 17,000 times a day–a figure that Chris Anderson, Head of TED, says is the equivalent of selling out the Millennium Dome every night for fifteen consecutive years. A New York Times bestselling author, Sir Ken’s books have been translated into twenty four languages.

In his final years, Sir Ken was working on a book that would serve as his manifesto. This book was being written for both new and dedicated audiences alike as a coherent overview of the arguments that he dedicated his life to, and as a pivotal piece of literature for the education revolution he began. When Sir Ken received his cancer prognosis in August 2020 he asked his daughter and collaborator, Kate Robinson, to finish writing this manifesto and continue his work.

At its core, Sir Ken’s work is a love letter to human potential–a celebration of what we as a species are capable of doing, and of being, if we create the right conditions. It is a rallying cry to revolutionize our systems of education, and the ways in which we run our businesses and structure our social systems, so that they bring out the best in each and every person. Sir Ken often observed that what separates us from the rest of life on Earth is our power of imagination: the ability to bring to mind things that are not present to our senses. It is imagination that allows us to create the world in which we live, rather than just exist in it. It also gives us the power to recreate it.