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Continuing the Legacy of Sir Ken

Sir Ken Robinson, throughout his illustrious career, made it a priority to share his insights at events and conferences globally, addressing pivotal issues in education and creativity. His voice resonated at renowned platforms, from TED Talks to international symposiums, leaving an indelible mark on audiences. Some of his notable engagements included stages at EduTech in Brisbane, Dreamforce in San Francisco, and LEGO in Denmark, among many others.

Carrying this torch forward, Kate Robinson passionately continues the mission of reshaping education and fostering creativity. Drawing from the foundational principles laid down by her father and infusing them with her own contemporary insights, Kate has emerged as a dynamic voice, engaging and inspiring audiences worldwide. Her commitment to the cause has seen her grace stages from Bett in London to SXSW Edu in Austin, Texas. Dive deeper to explore more of Kate’s recent speaking engagements and the endorsements that attest to her profound impact.

Kate Robinson: Igniting the Future with Sir Ken's Flame

Carrying this torch forward, Kate Robinson passionately continues the mission. Drawing from foundational principles and her own insights, Kate has emerged as a dynamic voice, engaging and inspiring audiences worldwide.

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About Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson, Nevergrey

“What could we, as a species, be capable of achieving if we prioritized Creativity and gave it the right conditions to flourish?”

Kate Robinson is driven by this question and the call to continue in the tradition of her father’s legacy, Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken Robinson is an education luminary whose TEDTalk, Do Schools Kill Creativity, is the most popular Ted Talk of all time with over 66 million views.

Kate co-founded The Creative Revolution, a digital community that empowers members to unleash their creative potential. She is also the Co-Founder of the Imagine If… festival, an annual celebration of human potential, and the Co-Author of Imagine if… Creating a Future for Us All was published by Penguin in March 2022 and serves as the manifesto of her father, Sir Ken Robinson.

Kate reminds audiences that in the face of an increasingly uncertain future, Imagination and Creativity are essential skills for change and transformation. She empowers them to take stock of the position we are all in and radically rethink how we move forward. Robinson believes that we can create new systems based on the principles of creativity, collaboration, and compassion. If we create the worlds in which we live, then it is within our power to recreate them, and she leaves the audience with the conviction that we have to.

Robinson lives in London with her husband and business partner, Anthony Dunn, their children, and their two dogs.

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