Imagine if... 2024

Our Shared Humanity​

Imagine if... Festival is not just an event—it’s a global awakening of creativity, a celebration of human potential inspired by the legendary Sir Ken Robinson. Every year, we gather to honor the power of imagination that allows us to create and recreate the world we inhabit, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary."

A Legacy of Imagination

From the inaugural celebration in 2021, where the world joined in a 12-hour live-stream tribute, to the 2022 milestone marking the launch of ‘Imagine if… Creating a Future for Us All’, every year is a unique journey into the depths of human creativity and potential.

Imagine if… is inspired by Sir Ken’s observation that what separates us from other life on earth is our power of imagination – the ability to bring things to mind that don’t exist. It is imagination that allows us to create the world in which we live, rather than just exist in it. It also gives us the power to recreate it.

Previous Contributors

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Imagine if... 2024: A New Chapter

In 2024, we invite you to be part of a live experience like no other. Set for March 4th, the Imagine if… Festival will be a confluence of minds, ideas, and imaginations from across the globe, all converging under the theme: Our Shared Humanity. Stay tuned for venue and ticket information.

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