Sir Ken speaks to Sonia Benavides, an architect and mother of 4 from Monterrey, Mexico.

Thirty-seven and a half million learners in Mexico have had their education affected by Covid-19 (UNESCO, 2020). Four of these learners are Sonia’s children, aged 6, 9, 11 and 13. While the beginning of lockdown was particularly challenging for Sonia and her family, she has found the best way for them to cope during this time has been to delegate tasks and responsibilities to each member of her family, from household chores to schoolwork. Sonia has also found that adding a creative flair to assignments has made learning from home more exciting and interesting for her family. Please note that this discussion took place in April 2020 and so not all facts and figures relating to Covid-19 mentioned in the video are up to date.

Watch the full discussion above, and if anything Sonia and Sir Ken discuss resonates with you, or maybe inspired you to try something different at home, explore this list of online resources for arts and crafts, cooking and getting outside.

Art Resources

#MetKids from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Met’s incredibly kid-friendly online portal offers plenty of resources (including videos) and an interactive walk through the world-famous museum.
Best for kids aged 7-12.

Free downloadable art packs curated by well-known UK artists which don’t require any specialist materials, as well as a plethora of fun and creative activities under ‘Create at Home.’
Recommended for kids 4 and up.

Cooking Resources

Food Literacy Center
A variety of child-friendly recipes that will be popular with the whole family, designed to get kids involved in cooking at home.


The Body Coach – Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks is releasing daily exercise videos to encourage movement and promote health.
Great for all!

Getting Outside

NHM Dippy’s Naturenauts
An immersive app designed to help children get outside and explore nature in the UK.
Good for school aged children.

National Geographic
Activities, quizzes and facts to help kids discover animals, geography, science, nature and history.
Suitable for ages 5 and up.

More information

Montessori Schools
Some information about Montessori schools and their approach to children’s learning.

Learning by Teaching
Some information about why teaching others can be so powerful in children’s education.

Supporting Yourself as a Parent or Carer
Many of these suggestions and tips are still something you are able to do from home or while socially distancing, and as Sir Ken and Sonia said, you must put on your own mask first.