Barclays Life Skills

Online lessons for young people (up to the age of 24) to help with confidence and wellbeing, money management, interview and CV skills, problem solving and creativity.

How To Academy

Available for free during the pandemic, the How To Academy offers a wide variety of talks and lectures covering a whole host of topics, including tips on public speaking, the life of a secret service agent and Shakespeare's women. The talks take place via Zoom and require pre-registration.

Best for older learners.


Interactive learning to help students during school closures on all major curriculum topics, including math, science, social sciences as well as photography.

Best for grades one through eight.

Global Oneness Project

Beautiful stories and videos on a range of topics that affect all of us, for example, food insecurity, poverty, migration and sustainability to name a few.

Their interdisciplinary perspective develops critical thinking, empathy and listening skills.